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Dear beloved Yuleperson,

(Last year's letter is here, and all that still holds true, except of course for the fandoms I didn't request this year.)

I actually toyed with the idea of doing an all John Hughes request this year, but I would have had to nominate Home Alone for a story about Harry and Marv... and actually, maybe I'll do that next year.

I can't guarantee that I've said anything useful and/or informative in the past about the fandoms I've requested this year, but if I have, you're welcome to use the handy-dandy journal search to look for whatever you want. Also possibly useful: my Yuletide and fic rec tags. And you're also totally welcome to chuck it all and write a story that calls to you to be told.

First, some very, very general things about me: I celebrate Christmas, and I live in the Northeast US, which means snow and cold and wind all through the winter holidays. I'm happy to receive a story that's set at Christmas or not, winter or summer, or that celebrates, or doesn't, whatever holidays the characters may celebrate. (Some day I will manage to pick a Southern-hemisphere-friendly fandom so that I can try to finagle a summer Christmas story out of someone, but I don't think this is the year.)

I welcome ridiculous-but-grounded-in-character AUs (The Breakfast Club...In Space! Or maybe not that one...), minor crossovers or cameo appearances by pretty much anyone, match-making pets, invented family members, actual family members who don't appear onscreen, realistically resolved angst, grown-ups with careers and friends, grown-ups with careers and no friends, grown-ups who've decided that they hate their careers and/or friends... I will always welcome a yuletide story that is happy or silly or clever or includes a classic winter trope like snowball fights or cuddling for warmth, but a good story is a good story, and is just as welcome if it's sad or twisty or whatever.

I am really hard to squick, and I only say that so that you don't read this and then panic that you're going to include a landmine of a plot point. I am not actively a fan of apocafic, but a well-used character death is fine. I'll happily read something about villains or intriguingly manipulative people, but I will say that you will have a very hard sell if your otherwise "good" character cheats on their significant other without immediate and crushing guilt. Gen, het, slash, or something that I have failed to include because it doesn't have a neat label, all welcome.

On to the fandoms! (Not feeling the love for whatever request we were matched on? Congratulations, dear writer, you can probably find and view all the canon for all of these requests in under 10 hours.)

Some Kind of Wonderful (any)

This is such a basic request, so make of it what you will: I want to know what happens next to any or all of the main characters. I'm not so much interested in the next day or that week, but what about a month, six months, two years down the road? After high school, then what?

So, I rewatched Some Kind of Wonderful today when I discovered it was streaming on Netflix. I already knew I was going to request fic, but it's been a while since I'd seen the whole thing without it being chopped up for broadcast. Still love the movie, still happy to hear about any of the characters.

Possible ideas: What sort of relationship do Keith and Watts settle into, or what sort of grown-ups do they mature into? Does Amanda make a crowd of new friends? Heck, you can write me a story entirely about Duncan and the original or crossover character of your preference (or Amanda, but if so, please give her some time to be her own person first) and tell me about some experience that redeems him the rest of the way from the high school thug jackass he is in his first scene.

The Breakfast Club (any)

Continuing my theme of wanting to know what happens to John Hughes's characters when they grow up. (or at least wanting to know what someone else thinks happens to them!)

I love every one of the characters (I really do mean that "any" I asked for), and I cling fiercely to my childhood belief that they all turned out more or less okay, though they may have had a few more problems in store after that Saturday.

Honestly, this is just me being greedy because I got some lovely future-fic last year, written to precisely my prompt. Mostly, I had a sudden bizarre urge for Bender to have joined the military as his one legal path far, far from Shermer, Illinois. Alternatively, I'm not sure I've ever seen a story from Allison's PoV.

Feel free to break up and recombine the canon pairings, or not, as suits your fancy. Brian and Bender fall neatly into my opposites-attract mold (in personality only, of course. They're both still lower/middle-class white teenage boys from Illinois...) so any story that hooks them up is always good times.

The History Boys (movie) (any)

Details:When I first saw the movie, my reaction was that I wanted all the stories about Mrs. Lintott, either during the events of the story or when she was younger, or just more of her PoV in canon.

I'd be equally happy with backstory for the teachers (or bits of stories about the boys when they were young) or to learn what happens as they head off to university, or to jump ahead ten or more years to play with the bits of future we're given at the end of the movie.

I haven't seen or read the play (it's on my list!) but feel free to include play canon if there's something there that you love.

I don't have much else to say about this one?

Tin Man Wyatt Cain, Glitch, Ambrose

My favorite thing about Tin Man is that I am a sucker for all things world-buildy, and there is so much potential to fill in detail there. Feel free to include other characters if you'd like, but mostly I want to see what Cain and Glitch do with it. (Integrate Glitch's bits and pieces back into Ambrose as much or as little as you want).

However, I also unexpectedly fell in love with Cain/Glitch after Yuletide two years ago, and I'd be equally thrilled to see a light-hearted gen or slash story about those two. (background/implied het with other characters is totally welcome if something there calls to you)
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