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I have just realized that my requests this year are a movie from each decade of my life. (We will not count the 70s, because no children under three were watching movies in the 70s. I hope. Anyway.) I'm sure this says something about both my scattered interests and my attention span, but I hope what it actually says is that as a fan, I love how much room there is to fill in the events before/after/around movies, versus an epic, beloved television or book series, but that doesn't mean that I don't love the little things that fill in the blanks, because I love those too! I am a little excitable, is what I think I am saying.

Anyway, dear author, I am feeling pretty proud of myself for that. Mild but hopefully not overwhelming variety to indicate my interests! And short canons in case of emergency on whatever we matched on! Which I hope helps someone. IDEK.

Everything from past yuletide letters (all neatly filed under this tag) still holds true. I am multifannish, and a multishipper in most (maybe all? I'd have to think about it) of those fandoms. For the characters I requested this year, gen, het, slash, poly, all good. I love what other people love, and I can guarantee that any story involving these characters that makes you happy will make me happy, too! Even if it contradicts something I've rambled on about. Especially!

Kicking and Screaming (1995) - any

Okay, so the guys are pretty much helpless self-absorbed jerks, and Jane doesn't get nearly enough screen time. It's okay - not really, but whatever - it was the 90s. Have any of them grown up and (five, ten, fifteen years later) discovered that there's life after liberal arts college?

I would also be perfectly happy to just spend 1000 words lost somewhere in Otis's head, at any age.

"Are you wearing eyeliner?"
"No... Yes."

Kicking and Screaming is actually very little like either my college or post-college experience, but I could see that experience from where my life landed. I hadn't watched the whole movie in years until recently, and I had forgotten quite how much time Grover and Max spent sleeping with much younger women. I had forgotten that Otis was supposed to be an engineering grad student...of some sort. Otis, Max, and Jane are the reasons I nominated the movie, and at that point it seemed rude to leave Grover out, so he got the last spot, but I'd be happy to see Chet, Skippy, Miami, Kate, or any of the rest of the cast show up.

I don't particularly ship anyone, but if you do, I am more than willing to be sold on it! Maybe Max and Kate made it work?

Love Actually (2003) - David, Natalie

I always forget this movie exists until Christmas comes around. I do so love Natalie, though. I'm happy for any of the other characters to show up as well. Fluff, politics, crisis, whatever, so long as it doesn't all end in tears.

The main reason I didn't tick the "any" box for "Love Actually" is that I'm not a huge fan of the Peter/Juliet/Mark situation, but if Daniel or Sam wanted to wander through (via Karen, or however else) I have no objections!

Breakfast Club (1985) - any

Movie of my heart ♥

I tried to move on from requesting Breakfast Club fic every year, really I did. Some lovely person nominated the characters that I didn't have room for, but as of when I'm writing this, I'm the only person requesting fic, and that makes me sad :(

Everything from previous years still holds true. Still a fan of Bender/Brian, still a fan of the canon ships, still open to pretty much any setting, timeframe or AU element. If you've been waiting for a chance to break out that plot bunny about Carl's bowling league, or Vernon's love/hate relationship with the sales staff at the menswear store in Shermer, or Allison at age ten, go for it.

Warrior (2011) - Tommy Conlon
I'd be happy to see any of the other characters (or original ones) as well, but so much about Tommy breaks my heart. Make it better, make it worse, older, younger, whichever.

So, there were some problems with this movie, but Tom Hardy Tommy Conlon wasn't one of them. I am not actively a fan of MMA, but insofar as its a thing in the world (like war is a thing in the world) I'm interested in why individuals get into it or out of it.
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