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Jan. 23rd, 2016

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What does it say about my current "entertainment" options that watching six episodes of Making a Murderer today was the least infuriating of them?

Gaming: holy shit, I hate Dudes on the Internet so much

Hockey: Holy shit, I hate Dudes on the Internet so much

Making a Murderer: holy shit, I hate two, maybe four, highly specific people. (From what I understand, that will probably get worse.)

And at least my best friend has also watched Making a Murderer, where she has zero interest in either the hockey or the gaming, so there can be mutual venting.

Also, possibly everything about tennis is terrible? I shouldn't say that, I'm just sad about Rafa. The rest of the men's field and pretty much everyone I care about on the women's side is fine. I'm just prepared for it to be terrible.

Icon anti-related, except snow, and that commercial still makes me happy. Also currently improving my life: these Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. And the snow really is pretty.