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(not that I have anything much against tumblr for fanworks, really. I complain far more than is actually warranted. It's just exhausting to contemplate. Why so overwhelming, Teen Wolf fandom?)

Sign-ups for tw-holidays are open now, if you're of the type who's into that sort of thing. It's being run through AO3 this year, and I'm adult enough to admit that that process soothes some of my sign-up anxieties. Forms <3

Info here:

Request 1 by healingmirth
Teen Wolf (TV)

No rating
Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Gen, F/M, M/M

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Stiles Stilinski
Derek Hale
Lydia Martin
Sheriff Stilinski

I am pretty much in favor of any story that involves (damaged but recovering) Derek, (increasingly competent but still somewhat distractable and prone to abandonment issues) Stiles, or (hey, you mean the frighteningly smart girl finally gets to know what's going on in her life?) Lydia. Papa Stilinski is always welcome in his story or anyone else's, and feel free to assign him whatever given name works in your head.

Beyond whatever part of my request that we matched on, please feel free to include pretty much any other character you love or who you feel you need to tell the story, including original ones.

I have vague preferences for the most part, but in case they are helpful:
I like canon Lydia about 100x as much as I like canon Allison. Largely indifferent to Erica,Cora. Also largely indifferent to bossy older sister fanon Laura. But it would be lovely for any of them to have a role that involves skill sets other than sympathetic ear or coy observer to the boys.

I would love any treatment of Isaac that tries to reconcile his way uneven personality in S3 as a plausible result of his abuse, upheaval and sudden whateverness. I like Scott just fine, and I generally enjoy his friendship with Stiles. I enjoy intentionally manipulative and vengeful Peter more than straight up crazy Peter.

This is pretty scattered, sorry, but I just realized that matches were coming out soon and I hadn't filled this in!

There was a time when I could keep up with Teen Wolf fandom, but I just can't even pretend that's possible anymore - as of when I'm writing this, I don't think I've read a single post-hiatus fic, and very few set in S3 at all, so pretty much any direction you want to go is guaranteed to be new and exciting to me.

I am a big fan of Stiles's apparent brand of believe-it's-possible magic, competence in general, and challenging Derek to get his shit together without piling further pointless tragedy on his head. So if you could not kill off anyone else for whom he feels responsible, that'd be awesome.

If you're going in a Derek/Stiles direction, I feel like the obvious requests from current canon all fall around the length of their time apart, and I would be totally happy to see that. As a medium-grown-up person, I'm a huge fan of stories where people who cared about each other (or hated each other) get separated by choice or circumstance and meet up years later.

In Teen Wolf, I'm more a fan of future-fic than pre-canon, but mostly because there are so few adults. I'm not super-invested in stories about how the kids get along without Derek in a werewolf sense, because I feel like he's sort of fulfilled his usefulness other than as another warm body with claws, but I'm absolutely a fan of figuring how he fits in the new pack dynamic.

I'm on board with most sorts of AUs, but I'd rather not go for straight up fluff where they're all human and the Hale family is intact and Derek is just inexplicably shy or surly. (Hale family alive and some other trauma to challenge Derek - totally welcome.)

My id-fic places to go are without a doubt lonely people getting unlonelied, and (typically the PoV) characters being wrong, wrong, wrong, realizing it, and making up for it, but I'm absolutely also interested in stories where none of that happens.

I've just gone through and tacked a "dear author" tag to my past Yuletide letters in case you get totally stuck for inspiration. I do tend to drift to the same sort of ships, and am generally a fan of crossovers and fusions if that's the sort of thing you're into. I am perfectly happy with tropetastic fic, played straight or manipulated. I generally come to fandom for the happy ending (or at least the ambiguous with room for hopeful ending), but I won't complain about breaking things in the middle.

Um. In case you want more specific prompts - what do Stiles or Lydia or Derek want to do when they grow up, really? Whether its something they can actually attain or does it get channeled into something else?
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