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As always, the rest of my letters are filed under the dear author tag, and pretty much anything there in terms of preference or even story ideas for other fandoms is fair game if you're looking for inspiration.

I'm pretty sure that my reading (and therefore my recs) by volume is overwhelmingly first-time slash fic, but for Yuletide fandoms I really am absolutely up for gen or any ship. I've not done a great job of requesting female characters this year, but that's partly because I've chosen either "any" or a single character for most of the fandoms to open up options. I'm not a huge fan of genderswap, but if you've got a het shipper's heart for any of the characters I've nominated, please do feel free to bring female characters into the story.

I like plotty things, and silly things, and sweet things, and sexy things and angsty things. Most things, actually. I need the dog to live. I am less about any particular kink for its own sake than I am about kink for the acceptance and the we're-in-this-togetherness (or the "I don't really get it but its important to you" bits). I am as much a fan of things that jump around (or five times... or three times... or however many times you can think of regardless of fannish convention) as I am of things that blossom slowly or ratchet up the tension. I like my crossovers and AUs (of both the fork-in-the-road and wholly alternate universe varieties) and pastiches as much as the next multifannish person, although in this case I'd prefer to keep it to other yuletide-eligible characters and settings.

So... Thank you, and happy Yuletide! I hope whatever I've managed to include will be helpful, and feel free to junk it if it's not.

Colditz - Willis

I nominated this one, so I pitched in three other names to make use of the nomination, but I'm really far more invested in Willis than I was by anyone else at the end of the thing. Anything! In terms of canon compliant stories, I'd probably be most interested in his backstory, but if the characters catch your interest and you're not really feeling having to come up with period accuracy for something, I am totally fine with a modern (or future! or fantasy!) AU that hits the same themes. Although to be fair, I'm not likely to notice any accuracy issues as my WWII British history knowledge is pretty nonexistent.

In something of a theme this year, I've got a bunch of fandoms where I've under-requested available characters because they're not necessary, but they're still absolutely welcome. Somewhere around the middle of watching part 2, I had the thought that Jill would be really good for Willis, but, well. I've got a longer post with my more spoilery thoughts here. It's available on DVD from netflix, and the last time I checked, there was a Tom Hardy edit floating around youtube if you'd like a taste without committing.

The State Within (any - Mark Brydon, Nicholas Brocklehurst, Jane Lavery, Saida Sinclair)
While I wouldn't say no to reading about the next multinational crisis, let's be reasonable - what can someone knock out in a thousand words? Anything that might've happened off screen, or pre- or post-series. Something about Brydon and Sinclair and his wife? Dealing with that poor kid and Brydon's admitted separation from real feeling. Brocklehurst's occasionally blinkered devotion to Country - how'd he end up working for MI6 to begin with? What's his story with Brydon?

I nominated this one as well! I just watched the series this year, and I'm sad there isn't a second one, but I was really satisfied with how it ended, and would be fine with them going back to their non-crisis lives. Again, fine with gen or shippy fic. I think that Jane and Mark could keep working, but I admit to drawing a blank as to what their next story worth telling is.

Frontier Wolf - Rosemary Sutcliff (Any - Alexios, Hilarion, Cunorix, Lucius)
I started reading Rosemary Sutcliffe's novels, and... got distracted three books in. But I absolutely read Frontier Wolf, and inhaled most of the fic, and then was sad that no one requested it last year.

I may have read it again by Yuletide if whatever is going on with its reissue and possible ebook gets sorted out. Or if I just miss it and get it back out from the library before I dive into re-reading things, but I'm sorry that I don't have anything more specific to offer up right now.

I'm happy with any of the characters, prequel, sequel, missing scene, AU, any ship or gen. Go wild.

Tin Man (2007) - Glitch, Wyatt Cain
My favorite thing about Tin Man is that I am a sucker for all things world-buildy, and there is so much potential to fill in detail there. Feel free to include other characters if you'd like, but mostly I want to see what Cain (law enforcement) and Glitch's ( roles have to do with it. (Feel free to integrate Glitch's bits and pieces back into Ambrose as much or as little as you want).

However, I also unexpectedly fell in love with Cain/Glitch after Yuletide a few years ago, and I'd be equally thrilled to see a light-hearted gen or slash story about those two. (background/implied het with other characters is totally welcome if something there calls to you)

If my scan through my letters is to be trusted, it's been three years since I put in a request for Tin Man fic, but I would have said that it was a perennial request. Anything about them on their path from post-movie back to whatever passes for daily life would be lovely.

BBC Radio 1 RPF - Showbot

I thought long and hard about whether to add Ian Chaloner to my requested characters, because lordy has he been in a strop every time he's opened his mouth recently, and I feel like the potential of Ian trying to wrangle Showbot would be hilarious. But I've had fun writing for things other than what I've matched on often enough, that I thought I'd l leave the door open if you're not feeling the RPF.

If you are such a curious person, I'm sure you can find some Showbot quotes or audio up around tumblr, but there's always more or less a week of shows available at and Show Quizness happens around... 2.5 hours in?

Tennis RPF - Roger Federer

What I'm most interested in from sports narratives is how they don't sync up with "normal" time lines. What's it like for Federer, ten years in, for people to say he could be on his way out? What's it like to be competent, and confident, and objectively, still miles better than 99% of people who've ever picked up a tennis racket, but maybe not the best anymore. So if you're feeling an AU, (which I absolutely support the creation of!) that's more the vibe I'm looking for, and not so much the curtain!fic that shows us that he puts on his pants one leg at a time like everyone else.

Alternatively, as I was writing my original notes for this, Federer had just had a ball boy come out and wipe Rafa's sweat off the court when they switched sides. Feel free to mine that.

The news has also recently come out that Andy Murray is out for a bit following back surgery, so if a bit of h/c suits your fancy, go for that!

I didn't follow tennis at all until quite recently, and knew even less about the state of Tennis RPF than I did about actual tennis, and I went around in a fair number of circles about what to request.

So yes, I don't really follow tennis, but I happened to be watching ESPN during a promo for the Nasal/Federer quarterfinal match in Cincinnati and got sucked in by the hype. Their second-ever quarterfinal match! Federer could fall down to the 7th seed!

I had a bit of a time trying to decide which character to hang this request on to keep it around the current players I'm familiar enough with but leave room to stretch - it came down to Rafa or Roger. I don't really ship anyone, and I know just about enough about the current top... let's say 8 to appreciate their potential in fic.

Long story short, once again, perfectly happy with pretty much any story that incorporates Roger's unique perspective on pretty much whatever story or characters you want to involve.
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