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healingmirth ([personal profile] healingmirth) wrote2016-06-11 07:10 pm

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Another Saturday, another fun-filled romp leading generally goodhearted Captains of Industry through sub-journeyman level carpentry.

Today's gentle corrections included:

"that shelf is not going to fit down those stairs" (followed by "okay, I'll just wait here while you try it anyway. And while you disassemble it.")

"gravity is your friend"

"maybe brace that against the floor instead of William's hands"

"how about you put on a dust mask on before you start sweeping in this enclosed space"

and, after several whir-kathunks, my eventual personal favorite: "hey, does that bit you're using have a sleeve to hold the screw in place?"

And then, near the end of the day, one of the guys started referring to said sleeve as the foreskin. Which.

By all means, let's turn everything into a dick joke, as is your ancestral right, but.

You do realize you're talking about docking porn now, right dude?