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Copied ever-more-hastily from previous years. I'll try to pad this tonight, but also feel free to just go write, if you're a go-write type. Thank you!

As always, my previous exchange letters are filed under my dear author tag, recs are at AO3 or pinboard and pretty much anything there in terms of preference or even story ideas for other fandoms is fair game if you're looking for inspiration.

Fandom: Colditz (2005)

Willis (Colditz (2005))


I nominated this one (again!) so I pitched in three other names to make use of the nomination. I'm really far more invested in Willis than I was in anyone else at the end of the thing, but I'm perfectly happy for any other characters, nominated or not, to show up.

There's more (spoilery) detail in a linked post at my journal, but in terms of canon compliant stories, I'd probably be most interested in Willis's backstory. If the characters catch your interest and you're not really feeling having to come up with period accuracy for something, I am totally fine with a modern (or future! or fantasy!) AU that hits the same themes. Although to be fair, I'm not likely to notice any accuracy issues as my WWII British history knowledge is pretty nonexistent.

Fandom: Historical Farm (UK TV)


I am such a sucker for these series, and these three. (New Series! New Fodder!) Any story with some subset of the cast either mid-series, between series, or magically or catastrophically transported to a situation where they need their learned skills to survive would be lovely.

Fandom: Tennis RPF

Juan Martin Del Potro (Tennis RPF) Andy Murray (Tennis RPF)


Hooooly moly, there are so many great options in the tag set this year. So, this is your official permission to drop either of my requested characters, or add others from the tagset to pull together a story that actually makes sense!

These two were what kept me glued to my seat through summer tennis, individually more than as opponents, obviously, though their Olympic match was great. (I missed the Davis Cup one, but feel free to enlighten me!)

Fandom: Enlisted (TV)


Awww, this show. My fondness lingers, years on. I'd be perfectly happy with a silly assignment-of-the-week, or some trouble the boys got into growing up, or something that happened while they were apart, or that crazy thing that happened to whatever character(s) on leave, or shippy fic, canon or otherwise.
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