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I did a fairly good job of recording my hopes for yuletide requests this year, for probably the first time ever. Now I just need to see what gets through nominations. Er, and decide what to nominate.

congrats me on having a list that totally escaped overlap with the nominations planning list. Which I am of course not throwing stones about, because I didn't post mine either. )

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I did an embarrassingly bad job of reading Yuletide fics, and of remembering to click "bookmark" on the ones I did. So, reconstructing some of that from history and comments pre-reveal by like a minute.

Goon, Allstate Insurance 'Mayhem' Commercials, Sports Night, Body (movie concept), You Belong With Me - University of Rochester Yellowjackets (Music Video) )

Ha, and of course LJ is broken as I go to post these to the community. Of course.
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This needs more detail - I am perpetually late on these things - but will not be the slightest bit miffed if this gets looked at only once, or not at all. I will also refer you to my yuletide tag!

Goon, Priest, Warrior...Soul Hamstas? )
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[ profile] yuletide brainstorming post is up!

So far I've offered to nominate Tin Man (DG & Cain for them, not sure which characters for me, but probably Zero again) for someone else, and I'm looking for help picking a dance routine, or conceivably two, to nominate. I referenced the Thought of You animated short in talking about it, and at least one person was excited about that, so I don't know.

I still love the concept for Wade Robson's Little Green Bag routine for Pauline and Peter. I'm looking for something a little more unique than "This is about a relationship..." but with room to explore before/during/after.
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So now that I can admit to having watched Smokin' Aces on December 22nd... Have you seen this movie? It's got Chris Pine in it, so I imagine that *someone* has to have.

To say that it's violent is, like, the bare minimum of compliance with warning for violence, but it's... sort of mad-cap? I don't know, I really like it, and I want people to write fictions for it. Possibly of the fix-it variety. Isn't there a movie (or a TV show... or possibly I'm remembering fanfic, IDK) where someone says that the ending of Thelma and Louise is ambiguous? It's like that.

Anywho, I wrote two things! One of which was tied for the record of least-read thing on the archive for several days:
Smokin' Aces (2006): one day here and the next day gone (1741 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Hollis Elmore, Richard Messner
Summary: Weirdest fuckin' road trip of his life, no lie.

And one which was not, but which probably demonstrates all of my previously-mentioned confusion about Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper in Valentine's Day:
Valentine's Day (2010): play by play (3733 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Sean Jackson/Holden Wilson
Summary: Four chances that Sean let pass him by, and one time when Holden didn't return the favor.

And now that I can admit that I wrote them, they also both have flashfic sequels, courtesy of prompts at [community profile] 15_minute_ficlets:

less-lonely (406 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Hollis Elmore/Richard Messner
Summary: The less Hollis said, the more of Ricky's time he got.

february 15th (278 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Sean Jackson/Holden Wilson
Summary: For Sean, waking up on February 15th was literally unlike waking up on any other morning of his life.
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I? Have Yuletide fatigue.

If you are desperately curious as to what I've been reading, I'm bookmarking everything on my Ao3 account, and instead of duplicating that, I'm just going to highlight a few stories that I wish were getting more attention.

This first one's outside the cut, because I really, really, really wish more people would read it and tell the author it's fabulous. It's about as close as you can get to a five-minute fandom, and you can google book about 70% of the script for the scene, and pick up the rest on youtube. (There are many versions on youtube, bless them all for filming their efforts, that's one of the better ones, though perhaps not the best.)

Fall on Your Knees (2584 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Almost Maine - John Cariani
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chad (Almost Maine)/Randy (Almost Maine)
Characters: Chad (Almost Maine), Randy (Almost Maine)

Chad and Randy navigate the sometimes-awkward territory of moving from lifelong best friends to lifelong best friends who have confessed their love to each other. There are some bumps in the road.

Bull Durham, Frontier Wolf, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead, Persuasion, Macdonald Hall )
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It seemed to me, in looking at the yuletide collection this year, that there were way fewer source fandoms that I felt familiar enough with to dive in to reading than there were last year. I'm going to guess this was the somewhat intended effect of this year's nomination process.

Based on my guesses, and vague impressions from scanning through the collection in a number of ways this morning, I'm guessing the top source fandoms by # of fanworks this year, and then making an almost equally haphazard set of observations from the fandom list page.

So! It's time the the annual demonstration of how woefully under-read I am.

I have no doubt that someone at the yuletide community is already working on a real version of this, if it hasn't already been published. )

And now, dinner with the family. Maybe ETAs later if I have thoughts.
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If you ever believe anything that I have posted in this journal, believe me when I say that I am delighted - DELIGHTED - and I do not use that word... uh... lightly. Anyway. Very much enamored of the stories that I received for Yuletide. I can't decide where to go next in the archive, because while I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of stories that I could enjoy with a minute on wikipedia to look up the character names, this stories are MINE from canons that are dear to my heart for various and sundry reasons, and this is definitely luck rather than anything I have ever done to deserve them or will ever do to be worthy of the blessing.

Seriously. I am that happy.

Warrior, The Breakfast Club x2 and Kicking and Screaming, recced in the order they showed up on my gifts page )
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I have just realized that my requests this year are a movie from each decade of my life. the rambling intro got a little long )

Kicking and Screaming, The Breakfast Club, Love Actually, Warrior )