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This needs more detail - I am perpetually late on these things - but will not be the slightest bit miffed if this gets looked at only once, or not at all. I will also refer you to my yuletide tag!

Goon (2011)
I promise that I have vague thoughts and preferences, but sincerely loved every character, and may not make it back to my signup to edit those thoughts in, so please check the letter if you're curious, or not if you aren't! [and here is the part where I say... yeah, haven't done that yet.

Priest (2011)
I really liked this movie, at least relative to the minimal effort I had to invest to watch it when it showed up on cable. And that dude whose name I can't be bothered to look up right now, sorry, but he's pretty much the only reason I stuck it out through watching Burlesque. Dunno. Tell me about anyone, fix-it or not. I am wholly in favor of Women Being Awesome, and also in favor of Paul Bettany being hot and slightly uncommunicative.

(If fandom osmosis has informed me correctly, Priest/Black Hat is a thing, but I don't think I've read any of it. I am woefully ignorant of this fandom, truly.)

Warrior (2011)
So, I know this is not how fandom works, but it's been a year, and now my brain really wants to know what's going on with Tommy a year later. Hopefully he's not in Leavenworth, but anything goes.

Or! Feel free to tell me what Brendan is doing, or Frank, or any combination of the three of them. Past, present, future, all welcome. Once again, I didn't nominate this fandom, and would be sincerely happy with any of the nominated characters or anyone else you need to either include or create to tell the story.

(Also, Tommy needn't be on screen in your story if, for example, you think he *is* in Leavenworth, but like me have absolutely no idea how the USDB is run. This might be a good time to say that I will not even slightly judge you for aiming for verisimilitude in the vaguest "this is how people behave" sense rather detailing than the minutiae of a facility, in any fandom. Research is hard, and takes time that Yuletide doesn't always grant. This also goes for anything relating to MMA, about which I also know nearly nothing.)

KIA Soul Hamstas (commercial)

I didn't nominate this, but I would have. I love this commercial - [the post-apocalyptic one to Party Rock Anthem]. I'm not sorry.

When I saw this listed as a fandom, I didn't know that apparently there are other ones? It's possible that the Soul time-travels, I'm not really clear on that. Seriously, anything.