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Jan. 15th, 2016

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I guess Galavant is back? Is it likely to make me mad re: Princess Whoever's current prospects?

I just yesterday deleted the current season of a show off my DVR because it was time to admit I was never going to watch it, and today I could not even begin to guess what show it was. Not Suits, though I gave up on that too.

Things I am not yet ready to admit I'm never going to get to: I've got the whole current season of The Librarians somewhere. And most of S2 of Fargo. And Teen Wolf, I guess? And all of this season of The Blacklist. Argh.

Also, belatedly both in the sense of announcing it, and in the sense that I lolwhoops defaulted at the posting deadline, for yuletide I gave Tim Gutterson a cat