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Wheeeeeee, yuletide!

In general (and moreso than usual, as I have straight up copied this from last year:

As always, the rest of my letters are filed under the dear author tag, and pretty much anything there in terms of preference or even story ideas for other fandoms is fair game if you're looking for inspiration.

I'm pretty sure that my reading (and therefore my recs) by volume is overwhelmingly first-time slash fic, but for Yuletide fandoms I really am absolutely up for gen or any ship. I've not done a great job of requesting female characters this year, because I have frankly had a very shallow year, and it's largely been spent watching hockey dudes. But this is not that letter! I'm not a huge fan of genderswap, but if you've got a het shipper's heart for any of the characters I've nominated, please do feel free to bring female characters into the story, in addition to just including women in your story cause they're, y'know, people.

I like plotty things, and silly things, and sweet things, and sexy things and angsty things. Most things, actually. I need the dog to live. I am less about any particular kink for its own sake than I am about kink for the acceptance and the we're-in-this-togetherness (or the "I don't really get it but it's important to you" bits). I am as much a fan of things that jump around (or five times... or three times... or however many times you can think of regardless of fannish convention) as I am of things that blossom slowly or ratchet up the tension. I like my crossovers and AUs (of both the fork-in-the-road and wholly alternate universe varieties) and pastiches as much as the next multifannish person, although in this case I'd prefer to keep it to other yuletide-eligible characters and settings.

So... Thank you, and happy Yuletide! I hope whatever I've managed to include will be helpful, and feel free to junk it if it's not.

Colditz (2005) - Willis
I nominated this one, so I pitched in three other names to make use of the nomination. I'm really far more invested in Willis than I was in anyone else at the end of the thing, but I'm perfectly happy for any other characters, nominated or not, to show up.

There's more (spoilery) detail in a linked post at my journal, but in terms of canon compliant stories, I'd probably be most interested in Willis's backstory. If the characters catch your interest and you're not really feeling having to come up with period accuracy for something, I am totally fine with a modern (or future! or fantasy!) AU that hits the same themes. Although to be fair, I'm not likely to notice any accuracy issues as my WWII British history knowledge is pretty nonexistent.

Somewhere around the middle of watching part 2, I had the thought that Jill would be really good for Willis, but, well. Aforementioned post with my more spoilery thoughts is here. Colditz available on DVD from netflix, and the last time I checked, there was a Tom Hardy edit floating around youtube if you'd like a taste without committing.

The Great British Bake Off RPF - Tamal Ray (The Great British Bake Off RPF)

I just.... thought Tamal was really great, okay? And I was really charmed with his sister saying he was the total package, and I'd like some other people to continue to appreciate him.

Anything, AU or otherwise, shippy or gen, feel free to swing for the ridiculous.

Historical Farm (UK TV) - Any
I finally watched Edwardian Farm all the way through this year, so the fact that is closest to my brain for prompting doesn't at all mean that I'm begging for something set within it.

Peter said something about Alex in the final episode which desperately made me want fic, which I of course could not find as I was making my signup. Whoops. I'll try to find it, in case you'd like ideas, but any story with some subset of the cast either mid-series, between series, or magically or catastrophically transported to a situation where they need their learned skills to survive would be lovely.

The Silver Branch - Rosemary Sutcliff - Tiberius Lucius "Justin" Justinianus Marcelus Flavius Aquila

There's fabulous potential-filled a section near the end of the book which goes:

"But Justin was still silent. It often took him longer to be sure about things than it did Flavius; and he had to be sure, quite sure, about this."

What else might Flavius leap to?

Alternatively, I was a little sad that we never saw Flavius's perspective on Justin's fear of being locked in - either Justin's continuing bravery in battling it, or a time when it finally gets to be too much.

I was so excited to maybe write some Silver Branch fic this year, since I finally read a book again and all, and then no one else had requested it when last I checked. (Kidding about the reading. Sort of. Anyway.)

I ship it, but I'm also happy for them to remain happy kinsmen bros off on their next adventure. Or slightly older kinsmen bros while [blah de blah, early British history that I have zero grasp of].

Manhattan (TV) - Helen Prins (Manhattan (TV))
I really enjoy characters discovering they've been wrong, so I'm really bummed that [spoiler] got [spoilered] in season 2. Other than that, I have no. idea. where season 2 is going, despite the flashing back and forth in time.

Last year I hung my request on Helen, and I'm going to do that again, but only because out of the nominated characters I'm still pretty much not interested in Isaacs family drama, but I'm happy to bring in whoever else you need to tell the story.

I burned through the first two episodes of this season tonight before sign-ups closed, in case the show went wildly off the rails in some way that made me not want fic anymore. Wildly off the rails - maybe! But still fic, please. If you want to AU branch off from an episode or from last season to tell a story, you're just as welcome to do that as you are to write an episode reaction to whatever happens right before fics are due.

I'm still predictably (for me) intrigued by Crosley, but I'm not super interested in whatever his love triangle situation is. (Is it even with Helen? So much happened at the end of last season, and I think I blocked some of it out.)

Tennis RPF - Rafael Nadal (Tennis RPF)
Just some happy moments for Rafa. Please!

Lordy, this year has been rough to watch on several fronts. I keep complaining to one of my friends about how the wrong people keep winning at sports. How dare reality not bend to meet my preferred narrative! (For the record and in case it happens to show up elsewhere in my journal, I am currently on team Anyone-but-Djokovich, for reasons I don't entirely understand, but I have no tennis grudge that carries over to fiction.) I just feel like everyone in Rafa's (international) cohort is like, marriage! babies! winning! and Nadal's over here in the corner with his press conferences about his lack of confidence on the court.

In terms of shipping vs. gen, I'm still watching... a lot of men's and some women's tennis, including pretty much all of the current Spaniards and Australians and everyone in the top ten, though I know next to nothing about their personal lives, but I will probably know enough about anyone who you'd like to pair or friend him up with.

My brain has never spun up a convincing AU role for Rafa, but in this as in all fandoms, I am willing to be convinced.