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Because I am Old, which mostly means that I am slowly accumulating wear and tear and I also don't heal like I used to, my exercise of necessity for the past 6 months or so has been walking, rather than running. It's. Fine? And because I need to walk for waaaaaay longer than the 30 minutes or so I used to run, and also because elections, I've been slowly accumulating podcasts to fill that time.

Also catching Pokémon. Still.

ANYway, the reason I showed up to post today is that I finally got around to listening to the Marketplace What if Superheroes were real episode, and it's pretty delightful, both the stories and the sponsorship messages between them.

(The one maybe-exception, the Wonder Woman segment? But pretty much all I know about Wonder Woman is via osmosis and brief exposure to the live action TV show of my youth, so eh. Idk if it just didn't work for me or if it was a poor choice of anecdote.)

Not that anyone is here for podcast recs, but also pretty great so far is Homecoming, of which I will admit I listened to the first three episodes at once, the fourth the day it came out, and then have been holding onto the final two for like a month now because I'm worried they're going to screw it up.

Also slightly... pretentious-seeming is their behind-the-scenes discussion, yadda yadda new media, or of how they recorded things on location, etc. instead of being in a studio with some dude using hollowed coconuts for sound effects. They have a brief "after-pod" or something tacked on to the end of every episode, discussing the episode, and I have never cared less about the methods that went into creating something than I do this thing. The thing itself has still been compelling listening, though.

Apparently I haven't posted since the election. That is still very much a thing that happened. Watching a lotta Maddow, listening to a fair number of politics podcasts, The real estate agent at the bottom of the hill is a Trump supporter and has had a large-ish handmade Trump sign since probably sometime this summer, and it's still up. Someone faintly penciled in a Hitler moustache at some point in the fall, but it has survived otherwise surprisingly unvandalized, more because suburbia than because freedom of speech, I think.

There's more to say, probably, but I just deleted most of it. It's been weird around here, but we're mostly fine around here, in a relative sense, so far. Watchful.

Date: 2017-01-12 10:11 pm (UTC)
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I might be here for podcast recs? IJS. I've added Homecoming to my list.