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I am easy to please. I like stories, and I like happy/hopeful endings, whether they're fluffy plots or angstier things. I like the hero(ine) to get the gender-of-their-preference love interest at the end of the story and the villain to get their punishment, but I am equally fond of apparently-unrequited pining or villain-POV stories for humor or rationalization.

Breakfast Club: any character

I love every one of the characters (I really do mean that "any" I asked for), and I cling fiercely to my childhood belief that they all turned out more or less okay, though they may have had a few more problems in store after that Saturday. I'd love to see something from a few years down the road. Maybe someone comes back to Shermer after college, or for a high school reunion (if you can think of a reason why they'd actually attend their reunion), or they can run into each other somewhere else in the course of their normal grown-up lives.

This is the movie of my heart, for real. (I don't even remotely mean that in a "you better not ruin it!" way, so please don't be scared!) I love every one of the characters, and I believe they all have it in them to be happy, healthy adults, even though the odds are excellent that one or more of them would have settled into suburban mediocrity. I'm open to any type of pairing, or a gen focus on the characters from the movie who have since gotten involved with other people, but I will say that I can't imagine Claire and Allison together. You're welcome to invent an OC spouse/date/whatever for them though. Feel free to rock the 80s cliche and bring them together for a Funeral or Other Tragic Event (a la The Big Chill).

I have a particular fondness for stories about the outcasts trying to find a life where they fit in, whether that's in a relationship with another Breakfast Club member (there is not nearly enough Brian/Bender fic, and I still love the canon pairings) or not.

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Gareth/Matthew
Charles says "All these years we've been single and proud of it and never noticed that two of us were, in effect, married all this time." Snippets of Matthew and Gareth's lives (or even Matthew's life after the movie), happy or sad. Just them, or including any other character who wants to wander through.

I don't have much more to say about this. I'm fond of the movie as I am of all romantic comedies, despite my mild dislike for Andie McDowell, but I always want to know the stories of the minor characters.

Generation Kill: any characters

I'm a relative fandom newbie here, having just watched the series a few weeks ago. I'm totally on board with the Brad/Nate, Brad/Ray (and Ray/Walt, in theory? though I haven't read any of it yet) that I've seen written so far, but I would be equally happy to see gen or slash fic with any of the other characters. With war movies in general, I'm particularly interested in the relationships that soldiers have with their loved ones back home, either through letter-writing, or any sort of discussion between the soldiers about the people who aren't there.

Things that I would be thrilled to read more of:
What's going on in the other vehicles during the events that we see on-screen?
Post-series or AU stories (either a fork-in-the-road AU, or something in a completely different setting) are both welcome, if you have an idea that's crying out to be written.
If you want to write something a little more meta about war, or the transition from the go-go-go of the invasion to the more everyday life in the corps, feel free to extrapolate from the order that the soldiers wander away from the group watching the video in the last scene.

Tin Man: Glitch/Wyatt Cain

My favorite thing about Tin Man is that I am a sucker for all things world-buildy, and there is so much potential to fill in detail there. However, I also unexpectedly fell in love with Cain/Glitch after last year's Yuletide, and I'd be equally thrilled to see a light-hearted gen or slash story about those two (background/implied het with other characters is fine if something calls to you.)

Welcome to the world of fic-I-didn't-know-I-needed. I hadn't read any Tin Man fic before last year's stories went live, and I sort of went on a fic binge. And then wandered away from the fandom again until this year.

Some things I'm curious about: How do they dismantle the infrastructure of evil? What's Cain's role in dealing with or rehabilitating the Longcoats (and/or Zero), or Glitch's in anything techy or something else his brain might have helped with (either as a main plot or set dressing for a shippier fic). It doesn't have to be all blah, blah, grr dark if suffering in the OZ isn't your thing. Maybe Az had a bunch of cranky mid-level bureaucrats taking care of details that bored her. Slash, gen, even het with other characters if something calls to you.

Thank you!