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In the pursuit of being a Responsible Adult, I went to go update my mailing address at Netflix.

I got a little sidetracked, and now my instant viewing queue is approximately a million hours' long. The highlights include the first five seasons of MI-5, Shakespeare Retold, which I'd actually forgotten was in my queue (and for which I swear I saw a Yuletide prompt, but now I can't find it. ETA that would be because the "Match case" ticky was checked on the find bar. Sigh.), Lost in Austen, Skins, and a bunch of romantic comedies that I couldn't be bothered to see in the theater.

Also found 30-second Bunnies Theater, which I am most definitely not going to watch any more of, but I couldn't resist Die Hard.

I am torn between satellite TV and cable. I am a little mad at the cable company up here, mostly because they don't carry BBC America. (Even though I'm not actually watching anything on BBC America.) Also because I don't like any of their plans. If I got DirecTV though, I'm not sure where the satellite thinger would go, and that is totally a valid reason for me to not order it, if I think its going to look wonky on the front of the unit. Also, I feel like I should be emotionally invested in one or the other of the DVR options, but I am totally not.

I'm not doing MMOs anymore, and I don't really do any other bandwidth-intensive things, otherwise I could decide based on internet and be done with it. Sigh. My life is so difficult, right?