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Dec. 26th, 2013

moar recs

Dec. 26th, 2013 07:28 pm
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Is it odd that I feel guilty about doing things that aren't reading Yuletide fic? Like, I bought myself Season 4 of Justified for Christmas because I only watched like the first four episodes, and I really want to catch up, because I really want to read fic and write fic and ship Tim Gutterson with everyone on the planet. But there is so much awesome Yuletide fic out there, and it seems like most of it has, like, one comment, and that makes me sad.

I went to rewatch the University of Rochester Yellowjackets video for 'You Belong to Me' because there's fic again this year. (And I've just noticed in looking it at that the description labels it as a parody instead of a cover. fine, whatever.) BUT! My point in posting that was that I hadn't connected that song to their appearance on The Sing Off last season. They were the ones who kept talking about their trip to Kenya and did Wavin' Flag and Wannabe and Lupe Fiasco's The Show Goes On

And somewhere in that brief youtube binge I actually watched a whole ad for Divergent, which is the scene where (presumably) Love Interest talks about his tattoo, how he wants to be All The Archetypes or whatever (brave and smart and...something, and something else and kind?). And I was thinking that I sort of wished it was a lady delivering that speech, but not if it meant sacrificing a female lead. So, I'll be here for all the genderswap AUs of that movie, I guess.

And now, recs! I feel like I'm reading realllllly slowly this year. Started in the T's yesterday and wrapped back to A, and I've got Breakfast Club fic opened to read when I get home later.

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