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Everyone has those stories by now, right? With youtube or netflix or amazon, where the recommendations make you go O.o and then, suddenly. It's like they get you, and it's the best thing that happens that week?

(At which point it has just occurred to me, youtube hasn't recommended a Tom Hardy interview to me in a long time. I must be slacking.)

So yesterday, I don't remember what brought me to youtube in the first place. Cat video, probably. And then:

Aaron Tveit and Gavin Creel - Take me or Leave Me )

I'm not especially an Aaron Tveit fan? I think I've only seen him in the Les Mis movie, and I didn't watch the live Grease because honestly I just forgot, but I think I remember reviews saying that it went with too much of a campy wink. BUT. Much like the hype around Channing Tatum and Magic Mike XXL, I would be totally okay with Tveit taking periodic breaks from his Important Acting to just be fun and hot and into it for 5 minutes, more often.

(stray thought #2. Have you guys heard about this Magic Mike Vegas thing? Idek. Google it.)

and THEN most likely by the combined powers of having watched Kristen Chenoweth singing 'For Good' with audience member Sarah Horn a lot of times, and yesterday's broadway spiral:

Hot off the presses, or at least it was this morning when I went back to watch Aaron and Gavin strut around some more: #OutOfOz Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel - For Good )

It's not like either of them were Plucked from Obscurity for their roles in Wicked to change their lives, but there's something really, really lovely about them singing "For Good" together, again, a decade later and out(ish) of character. Out of costume at any rate.
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Does anyone want to reassure me that About Time is actually "A feel-good movie that manages to make you cry and feel happy at the same time. The cast was amazing and the whole movie will make you smile." (least convincing website tagline ever? maybe) Because every time I see the trailer I get a little more creeped out.

I've been mini-wrimoing and wrisomifuing with moderate success, and sometimes even on the things I'm supposed to have been writing this month! But also digging through my WIP folder and poking at things like that time I wanted to write a wedding planner AU but didn't have a fandom to pin it on. )

I feel like there's also a big ol' helping of Christmas trope in there. Likely mistletoe, if I could ever bother writing it.

Also, I have been napping. I either have the world's slowest head cold, or I'm allergic to something in my house.

Also^2 caught the previews of Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land this week, and am... reassured? to learn that Sir Patrick was under the weather, because I really wasn't feeling it for approximately 4 of the 4 1/2 hours, but Ian McKellen and Billy Crudup were amazing. A-ma-zing.
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The classic tale of finding success and romance in the big city is given a contemporary, and unconventional, spin in Alan Brown's new film, FIVE DANCES. Collaborating with internationally renowned choreographer Jonah Bokaer, writer-director Brown has taken five gifted New York dancers, and fashioned a story about Chip (Ryan Steele in his first film role), an extraordinarily talented 18 year-old recently arrived from Kansas who joins a small downtown modern dance company. In his first weeks of rehearsal, Chip is initiated into the rites of passage of a New York dancer's life, where discipline and endless hard work, camaraderie and competitiveness, the fear of not being good enough, and the joy of getting it just right, inform every minute of every day.

Shooting in and around a Soho dance studio, Brown and his longtime cinematographer Derek McKane capture the exhilaration and emotional turmoil of a small dance company, and all of Chip's poignant firsts—the forging of friendships, being chosen for the important solo, his first ever love affair—with the intimacy and immediacy of a documentary. The result, FIVE DANCES, is Brown’s most dynamic film.

Ryan Steele is the beautiful, beautiful dancer who played Specs in Newsies - the one who just looks like a ballet dancer if you've watched any of their performance videos. Also, Out Magazine: Ryan Steele in Bed

He's dating Matt Doyle (Gossip Girl, Spring Awakening, Private Romeo, Book of Mormon, various adorable performances immortalized on YouTube) And when I checked on twitter just know, someone had replied to Matt with a ship portmanteau, which I hope, hope, hope was a friend of theirs doing it to be funny, but I don't think that's the case. Urgh.

I haven't watched the trailer because my internet (and phone, and TV, boo) are out for however long this network outage takes to resolve. I really like the part where the automated voice fold me that a customer service Representative wouldn't have any more information and then asked if I'd like to speak to one.


Apr. 2nd, 2012 07:20 pm
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So, Newsies, yes?

WNYC, the New York NPR affiliate, is streaming the Newsies cast recording on their website in advance of the iTunes release next week.

I'm not sure if "Watch What Happens" is my favorite song in the show, but it's definitely my favorite new song. Katherine is very nearly a Disney Princess, and I'm a little sad because her voice is a bit too wry here, for me, and I hate the ballad. So much. She's much better in "King of New York," but more charming in "Watch What Happens." Anywho.

"Brooklyn's Here" is also a lot of fun, but that might be mostly because I'm picturing Tommy Bracco, who is adorable.

You can listen to the whole album, or individual tracks, at the website: possibly subject to regional/national restrictions. If you're interested and the player doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

ETA: embed seems to not work, stupid frames.
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I don't know how critics manage to keep their mouths shut until they can publish. Luckily no one is paying me for this shit.

There are still broad swaths of Newsies that I absolutely adore, and yes it's just the first preview, and if twitter is to be believed, there were teenage girls (and maybe boys, who knows) crying outside theater because they loved the show so much. But...

I... am not generally a fan of the changes that they made to Newsies between Paper Mill and Broadway.

I'm going to have to check my playbill when I get home, to jog my memory about whether I have totally forgotten some highly forgettable songs, or whether they added. Of course I muddled my memory of the show by rewatching the movie, bah.

But, seriously, the parts that are good are SO GOOD, why can't it all be that way? I don't think that flawless writing and music is too much to ask. /greedy

I seriously kind of wished i was watching the Penguins-Rangers game for a few minutes.

People with iPhones/Android phones, are you on this Draw Something bandwagon? I can't get excited about Words/Scramble/Hanging with Friends, but I'm really enjoying the scribbling so far. Mostly the potential for mockery and self-deprecation in pretty equal measure.
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Why yes, I did set a google alert for a show that I never thought would see the light of day again.

Todd Almond-Matthew Sweet Boy-Meets-Boy Musical 'Girlfriend' Will Play Joe's Pub. Next week! One night only! Whyyyyyy?

I would say that it could be worse, it could be the following week when I'm out of town entirely, but noooo, it has to be on a night at a time when I could theoretically go, just so I have to make a decision. ARGH.

Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend (the album, not the musical) isn't quite the soundtrack of my youth, but it was definitely the soundtrack of one summer in Boston, and I would dearly love to see the songs. Er, hear the songs. Whatever. In the show's context.
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In addition to Evan Kasprzak and Alex Wong, if the Newsies The Musical cast list is to be believed, which I think it sort of has to be, Jess (Le Protto? I am pretty sure I have never heard or seen his last name before) has also joined the cast. I'm going to guess that the people who are just labeled "ensemble" may basically be filler for the larger stage at the Nederlander, which I am more excited about than the way I phrased that implies.
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You know that thing they say about Champagne going straight to one's head? Is apparently also true of an $8 bottle of sparkling wine.

Regardless of the lack of actual champagne in my house, am having pretty much my two favorite things for New Years dinner/non-driving entertainment: Pizza and champagne punch (apricot nectar, pineapple juice, apple juice and simple syrup in more or less equal measure, some orange juice concentrate, and then add champagne (or in this case, cheap-ass sparkling rose) roughly 50% each, or however suits you. Also combines admirably with ginger ale, if a bit sweet, or club soda if you just want sparkly citrus punch.)

I am watching hockey. That seems to be a Thing with me now. It appears that my conviction that watching hockey on TV is boring was based in fact - it really was boring pre-2005, which was the last time I tried watching.

I refuse to watch New Years Rockin Eve: the 40th anniversary party, as hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Fergie. Have not yet decided whether I want to watch Carson Daly or Dick Clark or Anderson Cooper. What am I saying, clearly Anderson Cooper.

I went into New York today (whyyyy?) to see a show and then run away before Times Square went into ridiculous lockdown )

I'd never been in NYC on December 31st before. I hope to never do so again, or at the very least, to never be in midtown ever again.
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Seeing (most of the) cast of Newsies on the Macy's parade broadcast has relit my desire to watch all the things all of the time. This is mostly just two things, their performances at the parade and a few months ago on the view.

opening night behind the scenes at the Paper Mill production of Newsies )

There is quite a bit of not-quite-spontaneous hilarity here (it is on Disney on Broadway's youtube channel, after all) but I particularly enjoy Race's rap. Really.

Happy post-Thanksgiving, and at this point, post-Black Friday. I hope those of you in this neck of the woods survived it without encountering pepper spray at either occasion.

Well, I hope everyone was free of it, not just people in the US. It just seems more likely here.
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the internet has done nothing but fill me with glee since I got home and started catching up on my reading page. I should maybe finish scrolling back, but no, I'm just going to make this its own post.

I just found out that Evan Kasprzak is in the cast of Newsies at the Paper Mill Playhouse, and I am So Excited OMG. If I didn't already have tickets for Saturday, I would totally have tickets for Saturday.