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Nov. 13th, 2010

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Thing one:

I really hate the couch in the basement.

I happened to be awake when Yuletide signups went live, around 5am this morning. I wasn't really staying up on purpose for Yuletide, but it was a contributing factor. I had given up on watching Mythbusters and curled up on the wholly inadequate couch downstairs (seriously, that couch is so, so awful, and I can't conceive of why I thought it was a good purchase) with the hood of my sweatshirt pulled up because it is cold down there, and I have a head cold that will not die. Walking up two flights of stairs seemed like far too much effort.

Thing two:

I decided at some point that Out of Sight and In Plain Sight were the same sort of thing, because I had combined my vague notion of the short-lived Karen Sisco with In Plain Sight that pops up on my rare-fandom radar from time to time.

Thing three:

There is a comma splice on the AO3 time out error page.
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Dear beloved Yuleperson,

(Last year's letter is here, and all that still holds true, except of course for the fandoms I didn't request this year.)

I actually toyed with the idea of doing an all John Hughes request this year, but I would have had to nominate Home Alone for a story about Harry and Marv... and actually, maybe I'll do that next year.

I can't guarantee that I've said anything useful and/or informative in the past about the fandoms I've requested this year, but if I have, you're welcome to use the handy-dandy journal search to look for whatever you want. Also possibly useful: my Yuletide and fic rec tags. And you're also totally welcome to chuck it all and write a story that calls to you to be told.

but this year, it's Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club, The History Boys, and Tin Man )

Dear self:

Nov. 13th, 2010 06:53 pm
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Next year, remember that you wanted to nominate Kicking and Screaming. Noah Baumbach is even sort-of-famous now, so maybe someone will have heard of it and be excited, instead of mistakenly wondering why I want fic for that kids' soccer movie with Will Ferrell.
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Does anyone else remember the end of The Secret of Nimh being really, really sad? Because I sort of want to watch it for nostalgia, but to this day I have still not rewatched E.T. because I cried so much when I was a kid, and my memory puts The Secret of Nimh in the same box.

I just went to the homepage, and discovered that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is streaming there. I really, really, really don't remember the opening credits. I guess I was young? She-Ra Princess of Power, also drawing a total blank. I am assuming that's because there was no theme song. However, it is possible that I never actually watched either of the shows, and just dressed up as She-Ra for Halloween one year because everyone else was.

(speaking of theme songs: Gummie Beeeaaaaaars! Bouncing here and there and everywhere!)

Also, on Hulu, Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - and wow, was Bill Cosby young in the early 70s.