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2010-01-01 11:46 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: This is what passes for a sticky post around here

So, hi!

Constructive criticism of either my prose or my ideas, fiction and nonfiction, are always welcome. Anonymous comments are screened, should you desire an option which hides either your identity or your content. Just leave me some way to get back to you if you want a response.

I used to have a fic index, but I seem to have misplaced it in the move, and I haven't had much use for it anyway, recently. My fic can be found under the "my fic" tag. I think you'll find that most of my tags are self-explanatory like that. If you want a handy list with summaries and sorted things, the best I can do right now is to refer you to the Archive of our Own where all the things which are my own are in fact archived.

Other useful things can be found under the "#about me" tag.

If you're just wandering (or googleing) by and want to get on the Dreamwidth train, I almost always have invite codes available, free for the asking.
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2017-10-09 11:52 am

I don't know, y'all...

I didn't sign up for yuletide this year. It probably would have been good for me? Like, force myself to read and/or write some things that aren't twitter/news/screaming into the void about politics, but I also straight up forgot to nominate anything, and most of the stuff I would have requested were the niche unwritten fandoms from past years.

Might treat some people still, I hope. I haven't looked at any letters yet, but I noted five or six fandoms that seemed possible when I thought I might still pull it together. Or I could also figure out wth is going on with pinch hits this year, preferably before matching finishes in a hot second here.
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2017-05-20 02:29 pm

in search of fictional things

My brain needs some new fictional escapes, I think. I have the vague sense that Black Sails is a thing that a few people around here liked? If I wanted to binge that, suggestions? I'm happy to pay to do so, but I can't quite figure out what way makes sense to do that.

I think I've also got the latest seasons of Lewis and Grantchester kicking around somewhere.

Anyway, Black Sails: I don't currently have a Starz subscription, but it looks like I can do that through Amazon Prime and they have all the seasons. Does that seem right?

I downloaded so much stuff from Amazon video and Netflix before traveling last week, only made it halfway through 13th before the cable news on someone else's screen distracted me, and haven't gotten back to any of it yet.

Also need to get my Hulu act together so I can talk Handmaid's Tale with friends who are watching, but I'm not sure that's a good direction for me right now.

Playing a lot of fetch with my disaster cat with the dodgy knees, which feels like an appropriate metaphor for everything. Great fun for everyone in the moment, maybe not such a good plan, long term.
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2017-04-28 11:46 am
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spring has sprung, the (cat) grass is riz

The best thing about great new fic in an old, beloved fandom is great new fic in an old, beloved fandom. The second best thing is a tiny wave of kudos on one's own ancient fic.

Pre-Existing Condition (13138 words) by Helenish
Fandom: Die Hard (Movies)
Relationships: Matt Farrell/John McClane
Additional Tags: Marriage of Convenience

“Anyway, he’s staying with me for a while,” John says.

“My place got firebombed,” Matt says, reflexively.

So good, omg.

I am watching a lot of news, y'all. I never anticipated that [redacted]-year-old me would be consuming so much political commentary. Some, for sure, but this feels excessive.

I've got a date tonight, for which I have the lowest of possible expectations for a thing I agreed to do, but I am hopeful the food will be good and his half of the conversation will be entertaining. It is a million percent humid and sunny and warmish, and so I sort of want to wear a dress, but I also dont want to be the girl wearing a dress on a casual first date and why must everything be so complicated.
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2017-01-27 09:37 pm

Tennis? Tennis.

Hi, friend! Do you vaguely enjoy sports where there are very few concussions and the people competing are mostly not terrible/problematic humans?

Are you likely to be awake in the middle of the night in the US due to some combination of post-election anxiety/pet care/child or partner with the flu?

Are you Old, and eager to either be made to feel More Old or Less Old by professional athletes in their *gasp* mid thirties? Do you want to bear televised witness to the (possible) End of an Era (maybe. probably not yet, tbh.)

Er. Also, do you have access to ESPN, if you're in the US? I should probably have asked that earlier.

ANYway, this weekend's Australian Open tennis finals are going to be Venus Williams vs. Serena Williams Friday night/Saturday morning and then Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Saturday Night/Sunday morning, and there are storylines galore. Groundbreaking siblings still kicking butt decades later! Rivals and friends who are (not so much, apparently) past their prime! Thirty year olds joking about being old men, and women who are consistently, awesomely both gracious and indignant by turns when reporters say stupid things in their on court interviews!

I am excite, as well as totally jealous this is happening at the Australian Open and not the US Open in August.
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2017-01-12 04:54 pm

lotta podcasts. whole lotta podcasts

Because I am Old, which mostly means that I am slowly accumulating wear and tear and I also don't heal like I used to, my exercise of necessity for the past 6 months or so has been walking, rather than running. It's. Fine? And because I need to walk for waaaaaay longer than the 30 minutes or so I used to run, and also because elections, I've been slowly accumulating podcasts to fill that time.

Also catching Pokémon. Still.

ANYway, the reason I showed up to post today is that I finally got around to listening to the Marketplace What if Superheroes were real episode, and it's pretty delightful, both the stories and the sponsorship messages between them.

(The one maybe-exception, the Wonder Woman segment? But pretty much all I know about Wonder Woman is via osmosis and brief exposure to the live action TV show of my youth, so eh. Idk if it just didn't work for me or if it was a poor choice of anecdote.)

Not that anyone is here for podcast recs, but also pretty great so far is Homecoming, of which I will admit I listened to the first three episodes at once, the fourth the day it came out, and then have been holding onto the final two for like a month now because I'm worried they're going to screw it up.

Also slightly... pretentious-seeming is their behind-the-scenes discussion, yadda yadda new media, or of how they recorded things on location, etc. instead of being in a studio with some dude using hollowed coconuts for sound effects. They have a brief "after-pod" or something tacked on to the end of every episode, discussing the episode, and I have never cared less about the methods that went into creating something than I do this thing. The thing itself has still been compelling listening, though.

Apparently I haven't posted since the election. That is still very much a thing that happened. Watching a lotta Maddow, listening to a fair number of politics podcasts, The real estate agent at the bottom of the hill is a Trump supporter and has had a large-ish handmade Trump sign since probably sometime this summer, and it's still up. Someone faintly penciled in a Hitler moustache at some point in the fall, but it has survived otherwise surprisingly unvandalized, more because suburbia than because freedom of speech, I think.

There's more to say, probably, but I just deleted most of it. It's been weird around here, but we're mostly fine around here, in a relative sense, so far. Watchful.
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2016-10-10 07:09 pm
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Yuletide: They weren't joking about faster matching this year

Hooooly crap, that was fast. Sorry, author, I thought I'd have more than... 14 hours to flesh out my requests with some context.
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2016-10-10 01:38 am
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Yuletide 2016!

Copied ever-more-hastily from previous years. I'll try to pad this tonight, but also feel free to just go write, if you're a go-write type. Thank you!

As always, my previous exchange letters are filed under my dear author tag, recs are at AO3 or pinboard and pretty much anything there in terms of preference or even story ideas for other fandoms is fair game if you're looking for inspiration.

Colditz (2005); BBC Historical Farm RPF; Tennis RPF; Enlisted (TV) )
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2016-07-24 01:29 am

it is warm here. very, very warm

What ever happened to that fannishly-based publishing company thinger? http://bigbangpress.org/ seems like that's it? I remember it being a Big Deal at some point, and then it seemed to vanish into the void in the spaces I frequent. Any of y'all read any of what it's produced?

Pokemon Go is certainly a thing, isn't it? Not enough of a thing to get me walking around any more than usual, because warm. But a thing.

And as long as I'm posting: I am fully aware of the many and terrible injustices and tragedies in the world right now, but there are still days when I can't help but feel that the most personally satisfying change would be if the person writing Benedict Cumberbatch fic would stop posting it in the British Comedy RPF tag. Or maybe that's just about as far as I'm willing to believe in a spontaneous, miraculous improvement.
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2016-06-19 03:01 pm

(no subject)

So I am attempting to refrain from having an opinion about Truth Slash Fiction until some other day, but I'm a little sad the boyband is of the gamboling puppies One Direction variety, because Matt Doyle didn't get a chance to put his training to use.

behold )

And as I was looking for that the news about Anton Yelchin broke :( Wow.
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2016-06-11 07:10 pm

(no subject)

Another Saturday, another fun-filled romp leading generally goodhearted Captains of Industry through sub-journeyman level carpentry.

Today's gentle corrections included:

"that shelf is not going to fit down those stairs" (followed by "okay, I'll just wait here while you try it anyway. And while you disassemble it.")

"gravity is your friend"

"maybe brace that against the floor instead of William's hands"

"how about you put on a dust mask on before you start sweeping in this enclosed space"

and, after several whir-kathunks, my eventual personal favorite: "hey, does that bit you're using have a sleeve to hold the screw in place?"

spoiler alert, yes it did )

And then, near the end of the day, one of the guys started referring to said sleeve as the foreskin. Which.

By all means, let's turn everything into a dick joke, as is your ancestral right, but.

You do realize you're talking about docking porn now, right dude?
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2016-05-07 12:22 am
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well, now I know what songs are going to be stuck in my head this month

Everyone has those stories by now, right? With youtube or netflix or amazon, where the recommendations make you go O.o and then, suddenly. It's like they get you, and it's the best thing that happens that week?

(At which point it has just occurred to me, youtube hasn't recommended a Tom Hardy interview to me in a long time. I must be slacking.)

So yesterday, I don't remember what brought me to youtube in the first place. Cat video, probably. And then:

Aaron Tveit and Gavin Creel - Take me or Leave Me )

I'm not especially an Aaron Tveit fan? I think I've only seen him in the Les Mis movie, and I didn't watch the live Grease because honestly I just forgot, but I think I remember reviews saying that it went with too much of a campy wink. BUT. Much like the hype around Channing Tatum and Magic Mike XXL, I would be totally okay with Tveit taking periodic breaks from his Important Acting to just be fun and hot and into it for 5 minutes, more often.

(stray thought #2. Have you guys heard about this Magic Mike Vegas thing? Idek. Google it.)

and THEN most likely by the combined powers of having watched Kristen Chenoweth singing 'For Good' with audience member Sarah Horn a lot of times, and yesterday's broadway spiral:

Hot off the presses, or at least it was this morning when I went back to watch Aaron and Gavin strut around some more: #OutOfOz Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel - For Good )

It's not like either of them were Plucked from Obscurity for their roles in Wicked to change their lives, but there's something really, really lovely about them singing "For Good" together, again, a decade later and out(ish) of character. Out of costume at any rate.
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2016-03-19 12:29 am

(no subject)

I watch the news because sometimes (usually) I'm a little lazy and I want someone else to curate the information being presented to me, but sometimes...

The second to last segment of the NBC national evening news tonight went like this: Dylan O'Brien injured on Maze Runner set; first woman to be nominated to lead a US combatant command; eaglet born at the national arboretum.
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2016-03-05 08:46 pm
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sure, why not

Stolen from many people, but most recently [personal profile] marginaliana

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

so. many. abandoned. files )

it's cute how this folder says 'active WIP' )

And I dumped off two Mike/Jeff snippets onto AO3 the other day. From the "active" folder. So.

I really wish I could make myself write some of those Arthur/Eames ones. There are a whole lotta words in some of them, but it's been so long, argh.

I feel like I should combine this with some other form of talking-about-writing meme. Many, if not most, of those files have shown up in some past list meme.

Edit: wow, I found an wip old meme, which I had locked because I think I repurposed one of the story bits for yuletide, and I am... not sure where some of those files are anymore. So there's more than *waves hands* all this, somewhere.
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2016-01-23 11:11 pm

Seems to have stopped snowing sideways.

What does it say about my current "entertainment" options that watching six episodes of Making a Murderer today was the least infuriating of them?

Gaming: holy shit, I hate Dudes on the Internet so much

Hockey: Holy shit, I hate Dudes on the Internet so much

Making a Murderer: holy shit, I hate two, maybe four, highly specific people. (From what I understand, that will probably get worse.)

And at least my best friend has also watched Making a Murderer, where she has zero interest in either the hockey or the gaming, so there can be mutual venting.

Also, possibly everything about tennis is terrible? I shouldn't say that, I'm just sad about Rafa. The rest of the men's field and pretty much everyone I care about on the women's side is fine. I'm just prepared for it to be terrible.

Icon anti-related, except snow, and that commercial still makes me happy. Also currently improving my life: these Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. And the snow really is pretty.
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2016-01-22 06:48 pm

Stay warm, y'all

It just, absolutely and completely literally, took me 40 minutes to drive 1.5 miles.

The Snow is projected to start falling in roughly 12 hours from now, and everyone has lost their damn minds.

My blizzard preparations are now complete: a bag of cedar balls for my clothes sorting/storing project, and a Chipotle burrito because I like to live dangerously.
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2016-01-15 06:35 pm

Things that happen when I fall off the edge of the internet for two weeks:

I guess Galavant is back? Is it likely to make me mad re: Princess Whoever's current prospects?

I just yesterday deleted the current season of a show off my DVR because it was time to admit I was never going to watch it, and today I could not even begin to guess what show it was. Not Suits, though I gave up on that too.

Things I am not yet ready to admit I'm never going to get to: I've got the whole current season of The Librarians somewhere. And most of S2 of Fargo. And Teen Wolf, I guess? And all of this season of The Blacklist. Argh.

Also, belatedly both in the sense of announcing it, and in the sense that I lolwhoops defaulted at the posting deadline, for yuletide I gave Tim Gutterson a cat
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2015-12-27 03:21 pm

and for reasons that don't need to be explored at this juncture...

...(but trust me, I made an unusual number of atypical choices this afternoon) I just spent a literal hour literally standing in Starbucks talking to a guy who I have not seen, or indeed even thought of, since we graduated from high school over 20 years ago.

Probably just as well that if that conversation was going to happen, that we had it while caffeinated, as opposed to slightly drunk, as would have happened if I'd bothered going to our reunion.

Although I probably would have been able to break away in way less than an hour.

Life is weird, yo.
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2015-11-26 04:27 pm

(no subject)


Christmas Eve (2015)

Hilarity, romance, and transcendence prevail after a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve.

Will probably have less porn in it than if written by fandom, but still excited to have learned this exists. Please don't be terrible.
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2015-11-13 01:03 am

I can't have a third cat. I really can't have a third cat

blathering about a kitten, and dudes who are intensely uncurious, or something. The kitten is fine, now )

Also, vet who is not my usual vet, thank God - fuck you, wanting a defenseless animal to be safe doesn't need to be my "maternal instinct kicking in."

So yeah, hi.

I'm still around, mostly. Stuff's been weird, in general. IDK. There's a lot that I'm basically writing off until new years resolution time, and I'm real glad I canceled my signup for Hockey Holidays, even if I had prompts and pairings in my requests that would have made for great fic. Managing Yuletide is going to be enough of a challenge without splitting my energy, and I have missed fully a week+ of my mini-wrimo commitment, after a really good start, sigh.
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2015-10-26 10:39 am
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Yuletide 2015

Wheeeeeee, yuletide!

In general (and moreso than usual, as I have straight up copied this from last year: a few general things )

fandoms: Colditz (2005), The Silver Branch, Great British Bake Off RPF, BBC Historical Farm, Manhattan, Tennis RPF )